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Beer Brats and Corn on the Cob August 5, 2010

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So from the title, you can already tell that this is obviously not a healthy meal posting (maybe if you just ate the corn). But, since I just returned from the motherland, aka Wisconsin, I figured it was fitting to post about a state delicacy…brats! (Just don’t ask me what they are made of.)

One night my roommate from Vermont admitted to the two Wisconsinites she lives with that she had never eaten a brat. Sacrilegious! I told her we would make them for her and she returned from Eastern Market with some great homemade brats!

Brats are super simple to prepare, all you need are the brats, onions, beer (I am partial to Miller Lite, another Wisconsin delicacy), a large pot and a grill. (And of course ketchup and mustard.)

Brats ready to cook!

Brats ready to cook!

To cook the brats, pour about 3-4 cans in a large pot, add in vidalia onions cut into strips and your brats. Bring the mixture to a boil…but be careful…because this could happen:

Overflowing beer!

Overflowing beer!

Before you have foamy beer all over your stove/kitchen, reduce heat to bring to a simmer and cook for about 10 minutes.

While the brats are cooking, heat up your grill.

Place the brats on the grill until golden brown to crispy, depending on how you like ’em.

Brats Grilling

Brats Grilling

Once they are cooked through, return to the beer mixture until ready to serve on buns with onions and other toppings! That’s all it takes! Super easy and awesomely bad for you.

To get some nutrients in there, I served the brats with corn on the cob. My mom taught me that for great corn, simply leave the husks on…

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob

put the corn directly on the baking rack in your oven set at 350° and cook for about 30-40 minutes. The husks will be super hot, so don’t think you can just pick them out with your hands! Let them cool a bit, and then be careful not to burn yourself as you peel off the husks.

Plate the corn with the brats, and enjoy a Wisconsin delicacy!

Beer Brats and Corn

Beer Brats and Corn


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